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IRSI is the sole manufacturer of our patented, trenchless Infrastructure Point Repair System for Mainlines or Laterals. We produce four liner weight options to fit any installation. In addition, we offer our exclusive cost effective line of epoxy Concrete and Manhole Rehab products.

Infrastructure Mainline Point
Repair System

Infrastructure Mainline Point Repair System is the cost effective, permanent solution for aging sewer systems. A leaking joint or even a missing piece of pipe is not a reason to line the whole pipe. Eliminate the problems and save $1,000's with each point repair. With over 35,000 spot repairs in the ground and sixteen years of trenchless technology experience, our Complete Point Repair Kit stands above the rest with ease of installation and reliability. Trusted by municipalities and contractors across America, the Infrastructure Repair is the permanent, trenchless, sectional pipe repair solution. We have kits that give you everything you need to complete the job.
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Infrastructure Lateral Point
Repair System

Infrastructure Lateral Repair System utilizes much of the same technology as our Mainline Point Repair System. The innovative push pull system, sold in a complete kit, can now navigate a 90 degree elbow with ease, in a 4" or larger pipe. This is the cost effective, reliable, quick and easy solution that contractors and plumbers have been waiting for. On-site training will have your crews ready for success! We have drawn from our extensive field experience to design the complete Lateral Point Repair Kit, with everything you will need to accomplish the job.
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Infrastructure Concrete & Manhole Rehab Products

Infrastructure Repair System's Concrete and Manhole Rehab System comes in two trowel on applications. "Chim-Coat", our scientifically formulated flexible epoxy will expand and contract with changing temperatures. "Infragard Top Coat", our epoxy topcoat for any concrete or brick surface can be applied onto damp or dry surfaces. Both products will seal and stop infiltration or ex-filtration. Easy to use! No heavy equipment to purchase or set up! Outstanding results and unbeatable pricing!
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Watch An Actual Infrastructure Point Repair Installation